Inspection Request

A 24-hour notice must be given for all inspection requests.  You may request your inspection by telephone: (229) 247-2320

Contractor Qualifications

All general contractors, residential contractors, electrical / plumbing / mechanical contractors who engage in the business of construction within the City of Remerton must have a valid and current state license issued by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Occupancy of Buildings

No commercial building will be occupied without a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Commercial Certificate of Occupancy

  • To ensure the safety of a building before it is occupied, the City will issue two separate COs. The first CO is issued by the Inspections Department, and the second is issued by the Fire Department.
  • The Inspections CO is issued for new construction and/or for an existing building that is changing its use. CO requests can be made by contacting Jessica Freeman. Before an Inspections CO can be issued, as-builts must be submitted and approved by the City. It is important to have the as-builts turned in for review in a reasonable amount of time before the request is made for a CO. To issue the Inspections CO, it must be requested by the permit holder, who in most cases is the general contractor. The required inspections for commercial COs are as follows:
    • Zoning
    • Engineering
    • Fire
    • Water and Sewer
    • Landscape
  • The Fire Department CO is to post-occupancy load and ensure current life safety code requirements. For more details on the Fire Department CO, call (229) 247-2320 ext. 133.
  • Once both COs are obtained (if required), the company's representative can apply for a business license.