Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for providing inspection services to the City of Remerton, including:

  • Pre-construction site plan review
  • Construction final inspections
  • Fire code enforcement
  • Issue violations notices where appropriate
  • Conduct’s annual inspections of all commercial facilities
  • Conduct re-inspection
  • Handle citizen complaints regarding fire safety hazards
  • Fire investigations
  • Fire safety education

Code Enforcement

The Fire Prevention division enforces applicable provisions of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Life Safety Code, International Building Code, and the City of Remerton Code of Ordinances.
The division conducts annual fire inspections on commercial buildings to assure the building meet all requirements of national, state, and local codes.


Plan Review

The Fire Prevention Division also reviews all new and existing building plans for construction services. All plans are examined to ensure that they meet all requirements of national, state, and local codes. Once the plans are reviewed and the construction site is inspected, fire system tested and approved, a certificate of occupancy is issued.

Fire Investigation

The Fire Investigator handles all investigations of suspicious and arson fires within the City of Remerton. The Fire Investigator responds to incidents involving:

  • Fires believed to be intentionally set
  • Fires involving juveniles
  • Fires involving fatality
  • Fires involving high dollar loss
  • Acts of terrorism (i.e. fire bombing, structural sabotage)
  • Hazardous condition of an occupancy representing an immediate threat to life safety (i.e. assembly overcrowding, blocked exits, building collapse, compromised fire protection and detection systems, etc.)


You must schedule all inspections at least 24 hours in advance. We will conduct after-hours inspections at your request for a $50 fee.

There is no charge for annual inspections, the 1st follow-up inspection is free, 2nd follow up and thereafter will have a fee assessed.

If you need a copy of an inspection report, please jhorne [at] (email Jamie Horne).

Nightclub Regulations

On February 20, 2003, a fire in the Station Nightclub in Rhode Island killed 100 people and injured hundreds more. As a result of this tragedy, fire codes and ordinances were changed across the United States.

The City of Remerton Fire Department patrols nightclubs around the City and enforces codes and regulations, such as overcrowding, blocked exits, the use of pyrotechnics, and much more. Fire Inspectors are building relationships with nightclub owners by letting them know their expectations.

  • Nightclubs must keep exits unlocked and unobstructed
  • Not allow overcrowding
  • Must have an accurate door count
  • Make announcements identifying the locations of exits during each intermission
  • No use of pyrotechnics or open flame
  • All fire protection systems must be operating properly