Court Rules of Conduct & Security





Violations of the below rules may result in your removal from the courtroom.

  • Be on time. 
  • Do not talk at the same time as the Judge, court officials, opposing counsel, or witnesses.
  • Racist, sexist, obscene, or profane language and gestures are prohibited unless it is pertinent to a case, elicited, and quoted from facts in the case.
  • No clothing depicting violence, sexual acts and/or content, profanity or illegal drugs.
  • Do not enter and/or exit and disrupt the courtroom excessively.
  • Do nothing to disturb or distract the Court, counsels, witnesses, or other court officials.
  • Children must not create a disturbance or they will be kept out of the courtroom.
  • Do not approach the Judge's bench without permission.
  • Rise when the Judge enters and remain standing until the Judge or Bailiff announces to be seated or until the Judge is seated.
  • Rise when the Judge exits the courtroom.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the courtroom.

Court Security

Prohibited Items:

  • Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives or blades of any kind.
  • Electronic equipment such as cell phones, video, voice recorders, cameras, or laptops (unless approved by the Court).
  • No bags, pocketbooks, briefcases, boxes or other containers will be allowed in the courtroom (unless approved by the Court).

Security Precautions:

  • Before entering the Court, you may go through a security checkpoint.
  • An Officer will use a wand to check for prohibited items.
  • You will allow the Officer to search any personal belongings that will be taken into the courtroom. If you refuse to cooperate, you may be denied entry to the facility.
  • No hats, scarves or head-covers allowed in the courtroom unless worn for religious or medical reasons.