Code Enforcement

It is the goal of code enforcement to gain code compliance before having to issue any citations or court summons. If you receive any warning/notice, please bring the violation into compliance within the given time-frame on the warning/notice. If you have an issue and need more time, please contact jhorne [at] (code enforcement by email) to request additional time. Please specify why you are unable to bring the violation into compliance and how much longer you will need.


An Ordinance is a local law or regulation that is generally passed by a legislative body (City Council) and signed by a City executive (Mayor). An Ordinance is subsequently enforced by the local Police or Code Enforcement Official (City Marshal).


It is that time of year again when the grass grows quickly. Remember to mow your grass regularly to avoid a visit from Code Enforcement. You will be given one (1) warning each year if your grass becomes too tall and you receive a citation each time thereafter. Please do your part to keep our City looking good.

What Is Considered Tall Grass? 

If you allow your grass to grow higher than 11 inches, then it is considered tall grass. Bahia grass is not included in this as it grows very quickly and randomly. Now, with that being said, if the Bahia grass becomes waist high, then it will be included. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Junk Vehicles

It is against the City of Remerton Code of Ordinance’s for any individual to have a junk vehicle in their yard. If the vehicle does not have insurance, a valid tag/registration, or is inoperable, the vehicle is considered a “junk vehicle” and must be removed from the property.

Garbage/Litter Control

Garbage pickup for residential customers is Tuesday. You should roll your cart to the road Monday evening, as garbage pickup starts as early as 3 AM.

  • Carts shall be rolled back by Wednesday at noon to avoid a $5.00 penalty.
  • Any item that does not fit in your trash can shall not be placed beside the can. You must call for a special pickup and pay first. Please do not place anything right next to the can, or the garbage truck can not get it and your can may be left.
  • Small piles of yard debris can be picked up as a special pickup. Large piles are not accepted, as we do not have anywhere to take the piles.

If you notice code violations, please fill out this form.