Sanitation Department


Residential Sanitation Services

Residential household garbage is collected once a week, on Tuesday. Household garbage is not collected if it falls on a holiday, your garbage will be collected the next day.

All garbage must be bagged and securely tied. Excess garbage should not be placed against your your trash can. Our truck has an arm that comes out to grab your can and must have plenty of clearance. Your container should be placed at the curb the Monday night. Your can must be rolled back from the curb no later than noon the day after collection. Failure to remove your roll-out from the curb may result in a $5 fine per can each week it is left out by the curb. 

Residential Sanitation Rate: $22.00 per roll cart

Boxes should be broken down and placed inside your can for collection.

One roll cart is provided for each residence. All roll carts are the property of the City of Remerton. If you should move, the roll cart must remain at your former residence.

Commercial Sanitation Services 

The City of Remerton provides  garbage collection for commercial businesses in the community with quality, efficient service. Commercial garbage is collected once a week on Tuesday. We can pick your dumpster or roll cart up more than 1x a week for an additional charge. If collection day falls on a holiday, your dumpster/roll cart will be emptied the next day. If you have a roll cart, you must place your roll cart by the curb Monday evening as we start collection as early as 3 AM and you will need to have your roll cart rolled back off by the following day at noon to avoid a $5/can fine.

Commercial Sanitation Rate: $22.00 per roll cart

Special Pick-Up

The City of Remerton will pick up bulk waste such as, mattresses, furniture, TV, etc. These items are collected once a week on Tuesday. 

We DO NOT accept any yard debris.