The Utilities Department is responsible for providing water and sewer services to all customers within the City of Remerton. The Department provides services to over 700 customers.

To Establish a Water Account / Transfer Account / Disconnect Service

You will need to fill out a application, bring a copy of your lease and your drivers license. There is a $100.00 deposit and an account establishment fee of $25.00 to establish new service. Deposits are refundable once your account is closed and any outstanding balances are paid. Water is turned on Monday - Friday from 2 PM - 3 PM, with the exception of holidays when City Hall is closed, it would be the next business day. 

To transfer your account to a new location, you will need to fill out a transfer request form and we will need a copy of your new lease.

To disconnect your service, you will need to fill out a disconnect form. We will need a forwarding address to send your final bill to and if you have a refund check to be mailed out.

All customers are required to submit their social security number, drivers license number, valid phone number and email if applicable. If you change your phone number, please call us to update your account. We may call from time to time to update you on water issues if there is a planned outage in your area or if there is an issue with your account.

Meter Reading/Billing

Water meters are read once a month, typically the last week of the month. Please do not park on your water meter or drive across them as this may cause damage. If we are unable to read the meter due to you being parked on it, we will estimate your bill and you may end up paying more than what is owed.

Your bill is always sent out at the 1st of the month, if you do not receive it by the 5th, call Customer Service to check on your bill. We are not responsible for bills once we take them to the post office. Check with your postmaster if you are not receiving your bill.

Bills are due by the 15th of each month. At 5 PM on the 15th, a late fee is applied to your account. Approximately 10 days after the 15th, if your bill has not been paid, you will receive a $35.00 delinquent fee and your water is subject to be disconnected at that time.